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MAXAM Foundation

MAXAM Foundation - Who we are - Introduction

The aim of the MAXAM Foundation is to contribute to the development, progress and well-being of our society through civic, social, educational, cultural, scientific, artistic, research and technological development.

From the artistic and cultural approach, we bring forward the MAXAM Collection paintings to the general public in a very popular manner through the calendar and art exhibitions and to the scientific community through the studies of the collection in itself, as individually with the artists that have signed them year after year since 1900.

The scientific research and the association with university environments have been materialized with the creation of the MAXAM Chair of the Explosives Technology at the Higher School of Mining and Energy Engineering of the Universidad Politécnica of Madrid. An international forum that teaches future engineers, those who will eventually develop the ideas and manage the work that will shape the world you live in.

MAXAM’s historic legacy (both industrial and record wise), reflects the evolution of the explosives sector and its way of contributing to the industrial development and social economical progress, materializing in the House of the Explosives of the Mining and Industrial Museum of Asturias, that each year receives the visit of over 100.000 people.


Last update 2021.06.21
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