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MAXAM Foundation

MAXAM Foundation - Calendar of the year - 1960

Pedro Batalla Xatruch
Watching over
                                                                                                                             Watercolor / paper
65 x 54 cm 

Despite the similarity of the ways and means in which the MAXAM Collection’s painters executed their works during the long, conservative period ranging from 1940 to the late 70s, there is one that particularly stands out for its oil technique and poster art purposes.
Pedro Batalla looks back to American illustration with Watching over (as well as with his two previous, 1953 and 1957 contributions to the Collection).
The strokes based on those of other charcoal artists from across the Atlantic set the standard by which his immediate and vibrant brushwork was executed, with quick and impetuous strokes to set the scene.

The rest is achieved by the use of vivid colors that set the background, not just the details, working effectively to bring us into the scene, waiting to identify the best target at this time of preparation for hunting.


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